"Is it possible to rate a massage above excellent? I feel better than I have felt in weeks; the pressure & flow were beyond great! Thank you!"
-Joyce A., Portland, OR

"Great technique and strong hands. The tension is finally gone. I'm already looking forward to my next massage." 
-Natalie H., Beaverton, OR

"Very comprehensive and well executed massage. Thanks for your attention to detail and the stretching exercises. Well done."

-Rob B., Hillsboro, OR
Tuesday - Friday
10:00am - 10:00pm

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Innate Body Therapy

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 Client Testimonials

"Before my session I was so tight I could barely turn my head or move my arms and shoulders without pain. Now I feel like I have gained back more flexibility and movement then I have had in months. I can't thank you enough Jeremiah."

Sharon D., Portland, OR

"Jeremiah did an excellent job. He listened to my needs and gave good attention to my focus areas, as well as finding his own areas. Good stroke rate and excellent strength through the entire massage." Michael V., Portland, OR

"The 'lifting' ribs technique feels amazing. The entire treatment was so relaxing. Thank you."
Julie D., Tigard, OR

"Absolutely excellent! Great communicator. He has great hands! Miracle man!"
 Lenny D., Sherwood, OR

"After my massage I feel as though I have a brand new shoulder and arm!"
Susan B., Oregon City, OR

"After the hard week I've had, this was exactly what I needed. Thanks for making me feel better!"
Denise W., Tigard, OR

"I felt as though you (Jeremiah) could predict where I felt areas of tension. The massage was very fluid, never felt choppy or out of place. Before the massage I was holding lot of stress and you did a great job or relieving this as well. Your use of various techniques also impressed me. I look forward to my next massage already!"
Meghan P., Portland, OR

"Great job!! I am very relaxed, you have good flow."
Clayton T. Hillsoboro, OR

"I enjoyed the attention to my arms. I'm a musician so I use my arms a lot and also tend to hold a lot of tension there as well. Your technique and approach was excellent! I also enjoyed the attention to my calves, excellent pressure and technique. If I'm ever back in Portland I'll be looking you up."
Chadwick P., Kona, HI

"Great job man, just what I needed, thank you."
Tim W., Beaverton, OR

"It is rare that I am at a loss for words...amazing!! Loved the use of both hands, great neck work, pressure wonderful. Sign me up for more. Jeremiah is absolutely great!"
Kelly R., Gresham, OR

"Jeremiah has strong confident strokes. He is a "keeper" I will definitely have more sessions with him."
Mark H., Wilsonville, OR

"Hands never left me, that was great! He listened better than any other therapist I've been to and used strokes I never felt. Thank you!"
Rhonda M. Beaverton, OR
"Jeremiah does an amazing hand and arm massage, good firm strokes. Also I liked the neck massage when laying face down, it is unique for me in all the years I have been having massage, nice addition for me. Great pressure and flow. Thanks again."
Julie D., Tigard, OR

"Once again an amazing massage. Especially enjoyed the stretching you added in. All around an exceptional Massage."
Julie D., Tigard, OR

"I enjoyed your calmness and guidance for home care. I hope to see you again soon."
Lauren L., Forest Grove, OR

"Jeremiah is a very good therapist. His technique is very much like a a physical therapist.The massage was very good and therapeutic with great use of diverse strokes."
Aaron S., Happy Valley, OR

"Holly cow! Best massage I've ever gotten! My hands love you!"
 Mark N., Tualatin, OR