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"Is it possible to rate a massage above excellent? I feel better than I have felt in weeks; the pressure & flow were beyond great! Thank you!"
-Joyce A., Portland, OR

"Great technique and strong hands. The tension is finally gone. I'm already looking forward to my next massage." 
-Natalie H., Beaverton, OR

"Very comprehensive and well executed massage. Thanks for your attention to detail and the stretching exercises. Well done."

-Rob B., Hillsboro, OR

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Innate Body Therapy

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Jeremiah Bay, LMT

Jeremiah was raised with traditional eastern medicine and therapies as his primary health care. This has given him a deep understanding and foundational belief in the power of the body to heal and restore itself.

Jeremiah’s philosophy: While massage and bodywork are powerful and effective treatments, they are simply tools to encourage and facilitate the body to tap into its innate healing ability, and when this happens, that is where the actual healing and restored vitality comes from, not from me.

Jeremiah has helped his clients dramatically restore lost muscle function, improve postural imbalances and alleviate pain caused by injuries and overworked muscles. His technique is a therapeutic blend of numerous modalities combining the best of Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Gymnastics Bodywork, Neuro-muscular Therapy, Myofasical Release, Trigger Point Therapy and more, to maximize the benefit of each session.

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Cammi Bay at Bloombay Spa in Tigard, located inside of Diva Den Studio.
503-479-5888 or www.BloombaySpa.com